Society for Asian American Graduate Affairs at Cornell University

Welcome to SAAGA! Our organization aims to be a community for graduate and professional students who either identify as, and/or are interested in, Asian and/or Asian American culture. We provide members the opportunity to socialize with others, share academic and professional advice, and discuss issues of race, ethnicity, politics, and culture as they pertain to Asians/Asian Americans. Our activities include invited lectures, discussions, film screenings, collaborations with other similar groups on campus, and networking events.


We provide a safe space for Asian Americans to discuss their unique struggles as graduate students, teaching assistants, and research assistants.


We believe in bringing diversity, inclusion, and equality into higher education, the workforce, or wherever else our paths may lead us.

Social Justice

We stand with all underrepresented groups, including but not limited to BIPOC, disabled, and LGBTQ communities and are committed to using our privilege to stand for those who have less of it.

2020-2021 Executive Board Members

Chris Berardino

MFA/PhD, English

Sarena Tien

PhD, Romance Studies

Elissa “E” Domingo Badique

PhD, Performing and Media Arts

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You can contact us by using the Contact tab to send us a message, or send us an email at saaga@cornell.edu.

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